Where to start? 1

Where to start?

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Do you want to make a big change in your life? Perhaps a small one or just adjusting something is not going well.

So, I will help you with the step by step, its ok? I think that’s what you were waiting to get started.

Where to start? 2

Then let’s go:

1 – Start

2 – Now

3 – Don’t wait

4 – You never will feel ready enough to begin

5 – Do it now and stop to looking for excuses

6 – Believe in yourself

7 – Everything will fixing along the way

Just go. Do you really want? Do you feel that are running in circles to take this decision for decades? Take your backpack, you don’t have one? Buy one, can be second hand, get some clothes, just the necessary and leave some space to fill with the surprises you will have during your journey, Buy your ticket that could be a new job, a new colour you like to paint your room or even a flight ticket to cross the world. Go. Do it. Live.

At night lay down with a silly smile on your face that will have more value and meaning for you that for Where to start? 3somebody else, but it will be worth, it will only be yours, don’t worry about having to explain, you don’t need to.


You finally start to assume the responsibility for your own acts, your wishes, your needs, your heart start beating faster and your bone marrow is producing more red blood increasing your oxygenation, it realized that still having live inside you, at 40’s, 20’s or even at 80’s, doesn’t matter.

Use the above instruction without moderation.

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