What is the purpose in our lives? 1

What is the purpose in our lives?

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Every time we hear something about purpose, this blog talks about it, searching a purpose for life.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.


But, to be honest, the purpose of our lives is inside us, when we find out who we are, when you just relax yourself and let flow, this is how it has to be.

We make plans for the day, drawing notes on paper and sticking post-its on the fridge, but at the end of the day we can barely finish half of what we planned, because our lives is alive, you know what I mean? The life follows their own rules. Imagine that you are thrown into a river, you can see a curve coming and you panic and try to grab a hold a vegetation on the banks before reaching the curve. You are afraid about what’s coming next, but the power of the water is too strong, your arms get tired and you give up trying, letting the rivers current take you  around curve. After the curve you find calm waters and a wonderful view. How long have you spent in your life hiding to live that?

This is exactly what we are doing with our lives, making plans and trying to fit everything into our busy schedules, like trying to fit squares into circles. We do get tired, many people get depression just because life doesn’t work out how it should do. Then start to question themselves about the reasons of everything. Release your hands, relax your arms and feel where life is taking you, believe in your dreams and let the life bring it to you.

The biggest purpose of life it when you just smile for everything, it’s a challenge I know, smiling  even if someone you really like cheats you and you realized that it was all he/she could do at the time and you follow your way. It hurts, you can cry, but you allow you to go beyond and find much more there.

There is a time thay you push yourself so much you want screaming out loud, that’s enough. Then you go home and want break the mirror that criticizes you all the time, your wrinkles, your age, hair, potbelly and so on. You turn back and simply decide to love yourself, but with true love and do everything that you expect from someone else. You follow your dreams, go on a trip, leave your dead end job and do what you always wanted to do, work with something you love, start doing that hobby you always dreamed of achieving, change the color of your wall, turn the TV off, adopted a dog, say good morning, smile without reason, sit in the park enjoying yourself, do something you never did before This is the reason for life, news, meetings, fulfillment. So many people suffer from a lack of love, but when you decide to love yourself truly, falling in love with yourself, then the love appears, the right person approaches and your happiness only increases.

Lost in 40’s.

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