What happens next? 1

What happens next?

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So, what happens after take a decision to change all your life?

The life follow in different ways, the boy/man left all behind, his security life to fall into the unsure world, every single day a new story.

What are the greatest fears of human being? Being alone, having no place to live and food, getting sick and no one to take care of us.

What happens next? 2

Then we start to search how to fill the gaps, finding someone to share life (most of people believes that’s the only way for happiness), we rent a house or try to buy one, filling up the fridge and get a health insurance for any inconvenience. Ok, all done.

But I looked at my list and started to eraser one by one, I used to believe that with those items I could have a happy and good life, but I didn’t. Sure that keeps the healthy insurance is a good decision.

I sold everything and leave, I always say that Lost in 40’s project is not about traveling but is how I find myself and I can give some tips about places where I been.

During this way that takes me almost 3 years now I have been in so many places and met more people that I can remember. I have had unique and unforgettable talks in places that I never imagined that I would arrive before “getting crazy” and leaving. Listening a “Berbers” in the middle of Sahara desert telling about his life and watching the most starry night I’ve ever seen in my life or going up to the mountains in north of Vietnam to eat tofu and teaching English for children in a Hmong family and during the night an old lady sang a Hmong music, just me and her, in her simple house with a clay floor or have a discussion about politics from Brazil and Portugal in the top of the active volcano in the middle of Bali Island after watch more one spectacular sunrise.

That`s how my life is goes, from the initial fear that almost paralyzed me until find courage to leave and feel all the happiness I live today. I looked back to the past and it is impossible not say “This what I was afraid of?”

I’m in Lisbon today, I was received warmly for one traditional Portuguese family that made me feel like part of their family, in the big house in Lisbon city centre they turned the dinner room in my bedroom and we moved together the big heavy table to another living rWhat happens next? 3oom. They made an excursion inside the house showing me everything, including the fridge and pantry, how who say make yourself at home, the mother is like a “mama” talking louder with her hands and ordering what should and shouldn’t be do it. Andre set the table, helping with the breakfast, are you going out? Take an umbrella, is gonna rain, how not to feel loved and adopted by them?

And here is where I finish this article, I still living new and exciting stories and how I already said on my videos and others articles, living one day each, totally open for surprises and all the opportunities that life brings to me.

That’s why I still doing this exercise of gratitude.

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