The outside symphony 1

The outside symphony

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Today it rained one more time, I am here during monsoon season. Today is Tuesday and I still have a lot more than one week to finish my job here. After this I will leave, with a broken heart.

I am going to miss the simple room, hard bed cover with a net to protect against mosquitos, that doesn’t always work. I swore that many times I looked for a hole on it but I never found one, the solution was to get used to it. A cold shower, hot water only after class when the sun heats the water and I can enjoy it for 1 or 2 minutes, after which it turns cold again, but I got used to it.

The house is simple, in fact, it’s is not a house but only a room with a bathroom, but I got used to calling it home. When I am out and someone asks me where am I going, I use to say I am going home.


I work within the school grounds as a volunteer, my company is some dogs. I know some of the peoples names, on my right side is one of the school teacher’s homes, he is the one that prepares food for me almost every day. On the left side is one of my students home and her younger sister, both have lots of fun together and usually run to knock on my door “teacher, teacher, teacher”, I opened the door and the fun starts with those 2 little girls jumping over my bed. I just laugh and hug them, I have love for them both, mainly the little one, Katchun, that’s her name and if you pronounce in wrong she will correct you with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life, screaming Katchunnn!!

I can smell grass, my view is a football field that I use to run shoeless on many times with my students. Across the field I can see a Buddhist temple, a house of 9 monks. I have been here sometimes with my students for a Buddha day, it happens 4 times a month.

I have no TV in my room, well, I do but I don’t know how to turn it on. Even if works I have never tried. For me it is like a shelf in a corner, turn to the wall, it doesn’t appeal to me. I have many more interesting things to watch.

Today especially, the noise outside is louder. Crickets and frogs and I have no idea what else in one symphony that never stops. I will sleep like this, happily waiting for tomorrow to get out of my home, going to have breakfast in shorts a few meters away in the school kitchen and the students arriving, saying “Good morning teacher Andre” about 54 times.

I am truly happy living like this. I am grateful for getting lost one day and have the honour to share a little bit about what I learnt with those kids and bring with me for the next trip, a learning experience that they have no idea they have given me.

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