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Step one

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How to start a new reality of your life? If you are like me, you will have spent a good time reading articles, magazines or books that promised to change our lives in 5 steps. But, in my reality, life only changes when you find yourself tired about how you live today and realize you are not happy, you are just living for the sake of living. But you are too shy to do something different and you don’t know where to start.

Let’s set up some rules here, ok? Not all truth is absolute, what’s true for one maybe not be to another, be kind and do only that you really want to do, do not accept less than this.


The first step:

ALLOW YOURSELF, be exactly as you already are, don’t change anything just to please others, falling in love for you, be awesome for you, have fun with yourself, sing in the shower with your tuneless voice, dancing and splashing water all over the bathroom, laugh with your own oddities, I am weird, I talk with myself all the time and worse, I have the answer for all the questions I made to myself. Be weird, be you, wear the clothes you always wanted, trust in your instincts, do some silly things, don’t try to right always, live for today only. Doing these things, you’ll feel a significant change in your day by day, you’ll feel more joy to be living as it should be lived, will be living as you wish and following your instincts, not according to a written booklet by some frustrated unhappy back there.

After this first step the other steps will come more easily and naturally will feel a wish to go beyond following your dreams and realize everything it was always possible and it was there waiting for you wake up.

Right people will be attracted by your new way to think, originally and the universe, finally, feeling you are ready, will let all the doors open for your success.

Exciting? Tell me the true, what are you waiting to start?

I see you around to laugh together.

Lost in 40’s

Revisão em português: Daniele Lopez

Review in english: Alan Keegan


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