Something we should learn or shouldn’t 1

Something we should learn or shouldn’t

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How can we improve ourselves in life? How can we get better every day more and feel happiness coming towards us all?


Or not.

It’s not a rule it’s just one way to go.

We all are free to go everywhere you want even stay stuck forever, one entire life, at the same place, is not your fault, it’s just your decision.

Something we should learn or shouldn’t 2

Some of us go to the moon, some of us go abroad, some get lost in their lives, some of us just don’t fit anywhere until they start to fit into themselves, some of us just know how to feel complete since ever, others need to learn.

And when we realize that everybody on our path is a teacher that helps us to improve our lives maybe we’ll start to understand the meaning of everything and relax.

But we need to surrender, stop judging, stop think too much and stop playing against us.

Our brain will fight to make us thinking and fill our mind with unreal situations all the time, looks like a fuel that it needs to keep it alive, and it is.

But, baby, we have the key of these complex machine, we have the right to switch on and mainly switch off always we decide. We are the commandant in charge, there’s no one else that can control your life unless you allows, you gave up your happiness and let someone in charge about your life but, listen, the person in charge has his own life to keep up and you will always coming in second place, always, even if the other person be the love of your life.

You should take control.

Ask for help if you need, is not a problem, there is a lot of people hiding your feeling in this moment, ashamed to speak loudly that help it’s needed.

Something we should learn or shouldn’t 3Or you just surrender about everything and allows life to do their job, invade your brain and fills with all the opportunities that you never thought it could be possible, you will see happiness coming straight towards to you.


You should do it or you shouldn’t.

It’s up to you, to be or not to be free and happy.

Your decision.

Lost in 40’s

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