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Some feelings we can not explain, we just feel, but I’ll try to make myself clear about what I’m feeling today.
img_7613I’m on a estrange and funny bus decorated with colourful curtains and ceiling fans traveling from one small unknown city going to another smaller in some district of  Thailand.
Lying in my seat looking to the blue sky that just opened after a rainstorm. In the front seat are 2 friends there I made during my trip, Marie and Jo, they are married and belgians, we have so much fun together.
This morning we went out for a breakfast and we found a cosy place beside the river that crosses the whole city. We were talking about many things when Marrie said:
– You look younger, have a young face a big shiny eyes.
I laugh and thanks her, of course, and said that I am proud about my age, my 43 years old and that I have so many stories to tell. I said her that I never lie about my age, if someone ask me, I say louder 43, cause I love having that age.
Then, seating here going back to a small Wattana Nakhon city, for my last week with my students, I feel so happy, the feeling of being held and be living exactly what I wanted when I decide get “lost” out there.
Never think that “Lost in 40’s” is a bad thing, it is just the opposite, lost in 40’s is alive, open and cheerful.img_7538
Marie and Jo said this morning that they take some time to sleep at nights, they use to think about the day events and what they will do the other day. I said that I sleep fast because I don’t think about the day past, just close my eyes, feel thanks for the day and sleep.
I have nothing to think about tomorrow cause I really want to be surprised, so don’t come with spoiler, the name is life synonymous of live, and this is the way I want, lively and surprising.
I will try to be more clear about my today feelings; Do you know that emotion we fell when we are children or teenages and we fall in love with someone and be matched? Do you know that silly smile on our faces when we read a little note lefty on the last page of our notebook?
That’s the way I feel, but in this case I’m in love for life, the litte notes are my stories here and the best of everything, I belive I’m being matched.
Lost in 40’s

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