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Phnom Penh

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I was walking in the center of the city in Phonm Penh, capital city of Cambodia, with a friend, Frank, from Germany, that I met few days ago in the same hostel where I was staying.

We became friends easily, he is always very nice, smiling and totally in love with Sandra, his girlfriend. I even met her by Skype 😉

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We spend one week together sharing the same room, going out for some tours, lunches and dinners.

One day we were going to post office together to send some post cards, me to Brazil and him to Germany, while we were walking he stopped, looked at me and said:

  • You found your balance.

I smiled at him and said no. I know what the balance is but live a balance life require too much effort and concern. We need to pay attention all the time to not fall to any side of the track, focused at the straight line and one day you will feel tired.

  • I am woke up my friend, I awaked. This way I can go wherever I want without worrying about the sides because I know the direction where I am going to. And I follow so light and so happy my way. I learned that my greatest baggage is lightness and I really let life happen day after day without plans but with great gratitude and certainty that each day will be better than the other.

The time is split in past, present and future and if I was the present, the today, I could live frustrated and sad because part of the people live their lives in the past and many others in the future. But what about the now? Today?

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Today is the only real and possible moment that we can be happy, there’s no way to be happy tomorrow, there’s no how to have possessions tomorrow. You need to be here today for that, necessarily. You must to wake up and realize that everything comes to you in the correct time and way. Just be grateful and open to receive everything it already belong to you.

The now has power. When you will wake up for this?

That’s the part of the lost one looking to find yourselves.

Lost in 40’s.



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