One fine day 1

One fine day

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Today was very special for me, actually for all who live their lives for today only.

I finally went to Trinity College Library, where is placed The Book of Kells, the old library really breathtaking me, I was astonished looking the construction, books and it designers, but what really makes me drop one tear was that while I was there trying to take the best picture, one man, in his 60’s, took one doll from his bag, was a little blond porcelain doll, after he takes his shoot he wrapping up the doll in plastic bubble when one young girl came to him and asked about the doll:

  • Sorry sir, May I ask you what’s that doll?

Sure you can, he said:

  • This little doll is like my wife, she passed away 4 years ago, since then I keep her with me, representing her, and wherever I go we are always together.

I really tried not cry, but I couldn’t, I look to Davi, my friend that was there with me, he was smiling and looking at me.

I looked around and saw one lady sit close by, her eyes was red like mine, she smiled back to me and I saw one tear running down her eyes.

Perhaps you can find this story weird, but I just think about love, the true love never die.

If you can feel like me now you can understand the fragility of our lives.

We have only today to be happy, this moment is all we have.

So, hurry up, smile, tell to everybody who you care about your felling, be grateful for today, and wait for only great moments from now on.

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