Infallible formula to give up your dreams 1

Infallible formula to give up your dreams

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We all have dreams, we all dare to dream and, some of us dare to reach their dreams.

But, how they do it? You may ask.

They do not limit themselves and do believe they can.

Infallible formula to give up your dreams 2

I wrote already about this in another article here, you are always right about your beliefs, if you believe that you can achieve your goals in life you are right but, the opposite is totally correct as well if you believe that you don’t deserve to be happy you are right too.

I bet you heard about this story many times but Thomas Edson found 10.000 ways to not create the light bulb, only in his 10.001 times he has discovered how to make it. Can you imagine, back in that time, how many people may have told him to give up about his idea, called him as a fool? How many of us give up on our dreams after hearing just one negative opinion? Were your dreams really important to yourself? That is the question you should ask yourself as soon as you give up the goal of your life, just because someone who has not achieved your goals also calls you a fool because believe you could do it.

So you go together to a bar and tell each other.

– You were right, it would be crazy to try.

Infallible formula to give up your dreams 3

This is one of the main ways to not fulfill your dream, giving up completely on what motivates you, and then definitely enter into what we call the system. Working in something you don’t like and pays monthly everything, house, clothes, shoes, life, and happiness.

At the end, men’s has created an infallible system to help us to not achieve our freedom, we bought the idea and criticize everyone who dares to make the difference.

What do you need to be motivated, not to give up on your dreams and re-live them deep within you?

Many famous people have made history in their 60’s, in Brazil, there was a man who built an empire of telecommunication that still being one of the most important in communication nowadays.

It may be that your dreams are not so big than his, mine at least is, but I believe, that’s why I write, that’s why I travel, that’s why I push myself to many experiences, even with fear.

You can and should do the same.Infallible formula to give up your dreams 4

We all have the obligation to be happy.


Please, take some time for you to do a reflexion about what you want to do when growing up, perhaps you are already that adult and to finish I would like to leave a simple question for your reflection. Whether you are old or new.

– What do you see when you look back? Do you like it?

You have the power to change.

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