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Some places are good to earn money but some others, hum others…

There are some amazing places to live, be happy, free, fly, cycle, walk a lot, drive scooters everywhere, jump in uncountable waterfalls, going down in the rivers, climb and relax in paradisiac beaches.

Despite all of the amazing spots you also have a bonus, the best of all…people.


Thousands of different kinds of smiles all with that beautiful almond shaped eyes.

There are millions of people, it is too much people everywhere and when you are an occident guy in the orient world you can feel different things like take a regular local bus and everybody look at you just because you came from other side of the globe.

When you are in a small cities the experience is bigger sometimes you can feel like a celebrity people ask to take picture with you, invite you to dinner in their houses, sleep there, try to talk even with almost zero English.

Sawati Kra, Sabadee, Chao mung… different ways to be welcome in Indochina countries.

I felt in love with Laos when I arrived cycling on the river in Vang Vieng and saw some little kids running over an old wood narrow bridge and jump into the river, it was so funny that I almost did the same.

In the north of Vietnam I was playing fake swords improvised with bamboo on the top of the hill with Mama Lili’s granddaughter they are H’mong one of the minority ethnic that lives in North of Vietnam where I stayed and her house for 3 days and 2 nights. She cooked for me and she sewed me 2 small bags, one for money and one for my passport while she sewed she sang me a H’mong song, just me and her in her simple cozy house with clay floor, it’s true I have a video on YouTube.


Take a sleep bus going down almost the whole Vietnam from the north to the south making friends form everywhere and many local people and became an attraction in a local restaurant where you are the only “farang” (people from the west in Thai language).

And when you travel a lot you realize how many good people are in the world, you meet people in one city and days, weeks even months later you meet the same friends again in other cities or even countries around.

Try the local food and choke with pepper, discovery places that only local people knows, be invited to have a good drinks in a top roof of one five star hotel seeing the view of the city at night.

Get wet from the rain, and more rain and more rain singing all the Brazilians music that talk about rain that I could remember.

Enter in caves swimming, jump into rivers or just relax in a nice coffee shop with a big smile on your face seeing all the people around looking at you thinking “Why he smiling so much?”.

Then visit a small house in Laos and discovered many people working producing protests for hundreds witness of mines and actives bombs that still hiding in the ground of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, watch a short movie where a little boy look into the lens with a wonderful smile and say that now he can play football and you stay there watching him running on the video kicking the ball and then you cross the street sit on the side walk and cry trying to understand why.


Visit a killer fields in Cambodia and see how bad and cruel the human being can be then once again run to a corner and cry, crying with more lots of why into your head.

Feel a bad feeling inside yourself when you see the picture of the responsible for thousands of millions of people “angry, hate, revolt”.

In these time I saw the good and the bad, and I few sad many times when the children and students approach to me to practice English and I held strong my money and mobile into my pocket. I felt ashamed for acting like this and I remembered that in my country is not so different and that I can’t help everyone and feel really sorry for that.

Indochina, how to decipher?

I read eyes, I love talking looking at people’s eyes, it seems I can get to know them better.

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and still counting and my passion increases, my heart beats strong and how some friends that I met here said we shine with so many feeling coming out.

Live today, I think so unfair live regretting the past, what you were, what you had or planning the future so distant and uncertain when all we have is the present here and now and this the only moment where you can do and be whatever you want.

I learnt and still learning with you Indochina, thank you!

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