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I'm ambitious

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I want to change the world. I believe in what Nelson Mandela said, in my free interpretation, “we can make the difference or we can do nothing”.

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Just complain watching everything wrong in front of your eyes. But this affect us all, that’s why I feel more that desire to change something, I feel necessity to change even it were a little stone.

We are more than 7 billion people in the world, can you imagine if everyone decided to change a small stone from one place to another one? We could change the postal code from earth.

We can realise wonders and we have power for it.

I am constantly in moving, following my dreams and my heart, I don’t settle for any situation, I respect that everything has your perfect moment but I open myself for new opportunities and good things all the time, I am open for this.

Yes, I know that’s big, can you imagine feel the same necessity to change something really small inside you with the same intensity?

You can change your life this way and it will trigger a chain reaction, if you change something, even small, inside you, you will change something in lots of people that lives around you and they will change something in who lives around they and those people will change… then more that 7 million poeople will be changing that little stone from it place just because today you decide to change something small in your life like put a smile in your face and say good morning to world.

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It’s totally up to you change or not, if you are not happy in this moment knows that the decision to make something it is in your hands.

Remember: The flapping wings of a butterfly on the other side of the world can cause a typhoon over here.

The power it’s here now.

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