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I'm afraid

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Yes, I’m really afraid, changes always provokes fear, even if is for good, going out of commonplace causes us discomfort, but the question is: From which side of fear you decide to stay?

Ha'penny Bridge

Think about fear like a continue line between your decision, whatever it may be, like a wall. One side is where you already is, your comfort zone, and the other your unknown place, the new, the restart, and a lot of perhaps…

Perhaps worth, perhaps you’ll be succeed, perhaps you’ll meet a lot of good people, perhaps you’ll find a new love, perhaps you’ll make money, perhaps you’ll be really happy and so on.

Then, even afraid you need to make a choice, stay or leave, stay means an immediate end to fear and the beginning of another felling called conformism, another question pops up in your head: if?

If I had gone? If everything had worked? Etc…

Our lives are made by choices, since you open your eyes in the morning you start to make decisions, getting up or stay lying in your bed, take a shower or a breakfast first? Go to work or stay in home? Choices, choices…

And the time is getting…

Getting behind us, getting old, getting tired…

And if I say that I am the person who always gone, if I say that even terrified I went, I’ve lived so many things, I’ve lived pains, departures, arrivals, smiles and disappointments, I’ve cried a lot and laugh in a way I thought I would die, but I lived, still living, growing and learning, been grateful, saying bye even to a great love that just don’t want me anymore, I kept going.

Tomorrow I tell you how I’m going, what I really can say is that, while you are sitting there thinking about how could’ve been if you had gone, postponing your life for reasons that you’ve invented, I am smiling, scared to death, but going.

So, which side of fear are you?

Lost in 40’s

Revisão em português: Daniele Lopez

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