Flying over rice fields 1

Flying over rice fields

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While I was flying over Vietnam rice’s field, I found the guilty for be so far away from home and I will say it here.

Santos Dumont or Wright brothers, I will not discuss who has invented the airplane, but that fact change my destiny otherwise I would be with my feet on the ground, close where I was born.


Through this small window with round corner shaped I saw views that I always dreamed to meet one day, I’ve already flown over forests, icy mountains, deserts and over famous cities, from the cold to the hot weather and vice versa, I flew over Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, I’ve crossed Africa from Western to Eastern and watched awesome sunsets and I saw our biggest planet rising through the window.

I sat tight in the middle, window and aisle, I’ve flew on the business class few times without any money in my pocket ;). I have had amazing talks about life, made some good friends that we still in touch. I spoke English, Spanish and tried to understand German, French and even Chinese talking with my hands and smiling.

I almost die laughing when I saw soap bubbles flying through the cabin, I played pillow war and I ran since first class until the very end on a big MD11 airplane playing with a small “samurai” that I’ve met in a full flight from L.A. to Sao Paulo he was coming from Japan, I did have not seat and he with 4 years old lying in a big first class seat.

I flew at night talking with the pilot in his cabin and I landed also from there, it was amazing.

I got drunk with 3 whole bottle of wine on a 12 hours flight. Not alone of course, I shared the wine with a girl that I met during the flight, and were 3 large bottle of a very good wine that I supposed it’s expensive.


I had flight seeming like I was driving in road full of holes so bad was the turbulence and I saw many people crying with fear.

I was also moved by seeing the shining eyes of those wo were flying for the first time looking through that famous and lovely little window.

I had my luggage lost and I didn’t enjoy it, I missed flight because I was late 🙁 fuck traffic!

I watched movies that was in my list for a long time and I found in an airplane selection.

I flown between clouds and with a sun shining in my window and I remember the night I was flying back home coming from Germany, the night was so quiet and I saw a full moon with some stars and another airplane far away going in the opposite direction.

I landed in the fog but I didn’t realize we were already on the ground so calm was and I only noticed when I saw the passengers walking towards the exit.

Once I slept a whole flight I think that I was really exhausted I didn’t see the flight taking off neither landing. It was an 8 hours flight.


I flown over my hometown so many times I could see anything up there and I got on board many times with a “Tenha um bom voo”(have a nice trip in Portuguese) and got off the other side with  “Welcome” “Bienvenido” “Willkommen” “Saibadee” “Sawadikap”…

I already chatted with immigration officers about football just because I’m Brazilian.

And trust me I became an English teacher for children in Thailand and I taught monks one morning.

I’ve taste different kind of foods and fruits and thanks to airplane I went to sleep in a little simple wood house with a clay floor on the top of the mountains after 5 hours hiking to get there and a 52 years old lady sewing a small bag to give me as a gift while singing with her sweet voice a song from her ethnicity.

So while I was sitting there I felt really grateful for the airplane and those responsibles for taking me so far and so close to my dreams.

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