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Cup of tea

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No one is the perfect match for everyone and we get hurt for not being

It’s crazy and insane.

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Then we fight our whole life’s trying to be better, better style, better body, perfect hair even though in some cases hair start to fall and we spend lot of money trying to keep them in our heads where

We get dangerous surgeries to please everyone assuming huge risks just because we forgot about ourselves.

Dozens of friends and family’s say that we are good, we are nice, we are interesting but if someone that never met us before, that don’t know nothing about our stories say something bad about us this is the only one we will believe.

How I said before this is insane guys, come on, are you not tired enough to live like this?

It’s ok if you like someone else that don’t like you, it’s ok don’t have the best hair or not hair at all, if you have a few extras pounds or kilos that’s fine, just try to keep health yourself.

Fall in love with you.

Cup of tea 3Give up trying to please everyone, you can’t, we can’t.

Please yourself instead of everyone else, treat yourself well, be gentle and pleasant with words and thoughts about yourself and you will see things changing all around you.

Do you know why?

Nobody is everybody cup of tea.

And this is perfect normal.

Be you to be happy again.

Lost in 40s

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