Bringing Mama back home 1

Bringing Mama back home

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Bringing Mama back home
I’m here on the sleeping bus going from Hanoi to Sa Pa, north of Vietnam. Mama Lili is behind me lying on her seat, she is going back home to the mountains close to Sa Pa. Well, it’s not so close, from the bus station to her home will take around 5 hours trekking and I`m going to walk with her.
That was her first time outside Sa Pa, her first time in a big, noisy and crazy city and I had the honour to follow her these days in Hanoi. It was like a baby discovering new things every day, simple routine for us was a big deal for her like an elevator, for example.  It was her first time using one and her reaction was amazing. She didn’t understand how such a small room like a box, could  close the door and open in another place (floor). When the elevator started to run she said:
  • Óóóóóó!
When she got off she stopped, looked around and turned to us with a big doubt in her mind. She made signals with her hands showing us the place.
We brought her to an airport because she asked to see some airplanes, she has the same reaction when she saw some of them taking off or landing:
  • Óóóóóó!
  • It’s so big. How many people are inside? Only Vietnamese or foreign together?
She went into a public toilet and when she went to wash her hands the tap started to run the water automatically and she said:
  • Óóóóóóó!
And when she looked to dry her hands she found a hand dryer machine with air and:
  • Óóóóóóóó!
Do you realize how crazy all these experiences are for Mama? How many times in our lives do we get surprised about something new and say:
  • Óóóóóóóó?
Not many I know, we come from a modern life and the latest in technology and modernism, we think this is normal. We don’t look  surprised. If we did people would start laughing, so we pretend to find everything normal.
But, after these days with Mama Lili, I want come back to feel things, to get surprised about technology and people and for sure I want to say, as much as I can:
  • Óóóóóóó!
Thank you Mama Lili for taught me how to be simple again.
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