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Ahhhh Laos

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How can I describe Laos?

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I think that the best word is simplicity.

My heart floated between so much nature, beauty and butterflies.

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There is no amazing skyscrapers trying to be the taller of the world but it was there where I got wet in front one of the most beautiful waterfall I ever seen.

It was there also that I took the best banana shake ever.

I arrived in Laos flying in a small twin-engine coming from Vietnam, I had a short stop in the small Pakse in the south. Time enough to get my 30 days visa, come back to airplane and flew to the cosy capital city Vientiane with a little bit more than 200.000 people and located beside a river that divide Laos and your famous neighbour Thailand.

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It was there in Laos that I dropped my deepest tear during the whole trip when I met one project called COPE, they produce prosthesis of hands, arms, legs…for those who has injured themselves with the remaining bombs that still buried in the ground. On a short video one little boy come to the camera and say with a sincere smile:

  • Now I can play football.

And I stuck there seeing he running with 2 new prosthesis, in the place of the legs, kicking the ball. My heart got smaller as he moved away from the camera. I crossed the street and started crying trying to understand how could the human being be so bad and why?

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A little distance far from there in another small city with a French name as well, Vang Vieng, cut by a river full of life, small wood boats powered by engine goes up and down the Mekong River in the middle of hundredAhhhh Laos 15s of tourist going slowly down the river in a famous adventure called tubbing. Little kids dressing underwear jumping in the water laughing like we don’t use to do for a long time.


Driving my rented scooter through dirt roads and discovering waterfalls, blue lagoon, caves and one unforgettable sunset that I said out loud “Ahhh Laos”.

Luang Pragang let me without voice, Kuang Si Waterfalls, my heart beating fast in my chest full of happiness, eating more dust driving my scooter totally in love with the landscape, mountains, caves etc. I discovery more than 3000 Buddhas in a cave just across the river where I was touched by the way a beautiful little girl looked at me beside her mother.

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Ah Laos, that was such a pleasure to meet you. Your way, your smile, kindness, simplicity and your love.

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Laos hospital for children it was also a beautiful project that I met in Luang Prabang, a group of health professionals building a high quality hospital that offer free service for children since 1 month until 15 years old.

Ahhhh Laos 22

Yes, there are really good people making the difference.

Ahhhh Laos 23There was a place where definitely I loved getting lost.



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