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Why advertise here?

Lost in 40’s, it had to be this name? I would like to advertise but I’ll not link my brand with the word lost.

Lost around, that’s one of the biggest dream of the human being, each day I spent getting lost in this planet I met more and more people from whole of the world and after chatting they looked at me and says:

  – Wowww!

Sometimes during our conversations one poke other as saying, are you listening?

Then I started to receive messages from many people, of all the ages, saying they are traveling with me, that I am doing something they wish to do but they can’t, and they thanks me for that, for share my texts, videos and pictures.

Is it a new blog but I am doing very well and with a great support, every day growing more and link brands that follow the same patch, that promote changes in life’s could be really interesting.

I want show that changes are possible, connecting people, touch them and encourage them to take the “famous” first step.

And you know what? I’m doing very good so far.

Come with me?


Email [email protected]

WhatsApp +18584365086

Skype: als_deh

I am looking forward for your contact and be proud to get lost with me!

See you soon.

Lost in 40″s