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About time

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How old are you?

Do you consider yourself too old to realize your dreams?

Do you think is insane to get lost around the age of 40 years old because at this age you should have a steady life in your own house, family and a 8 to 5 pm job that not makes you happy at all?

Be brave my dear friends.About time 2


One day I grabbed my backpack and leave.

Walking I met a 21 years old girl that just had finished her relationship and decided to leave with almost no English but she took the risks to travel around South Asian.

A 44-year-old German, physical education teacher just quit his job and left to find himself.

I’ve met one guy in his 63 years old who made fortune with Oil Company in America. He lives in Hawai for 45 years built a huge house where he spent more than half million dollars.  He lost everything in a fire.

– OMG Peter, you lost everything?

– Well, I still have the land, so I decided to build some bungalows, got one for myself and rented everything else.

After that, Peter said that he never felt so happy and free to go wherever he wanted.

A young German, 18 years old, came to me in Cambodia and asked me what the secret of happiness.

– Let it be.

Don’t search for happiness, just be happy, do everything that makes you happy, spend time beside people that you love but above all that are positive and that believe in you.

Forget the old design to build an anchor and start building an engine that will take you where you want to be. Think simple, be light, freedom is a gift.

About time 3

One day one friend of mine told me one story about 3 kids playing football and talking about who has the richest father between them. The first one said that his father is richest because he has many company`s and he travel whole the world. The second one that his daddy is richest because he has one of the biggest fortune in the world and millions of employees. The last one just said that for sure his father is richest than all. Their colleagues asked him how he is so sure. He said his father is the only one who can spend time sitting on the bleachers watching him play football and go home after the game by drinking ice cream and talking about everything.

The value is upside down nowadays, people wish to have every time more and more without any reason.

Dream, believe, be positive but take it easy, be simple.

Enjoy your time because you can make yourself happy now.

Lost in 40s.

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