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About status

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Few people know the pains and delights of being who we are.

We have a mind full of ideas and few attitudes.

We wish things but, we really need to stand up and go to grab it?

Is there a way of our desires come toward us?

About status 2

Then, tired maybe, more of complain than do it, we decide to stay where you are, is not good but we can make few changes here and there and we can stay for a little bit more.

We try to fit life in our molds. The problem is that life is bigger and is not worry about our wishes or molds, life will still going as it should, doens’t a matter if you cry or not.

These molds are created by the society that wants you to follow then about the risk of being considered unsuccessful if they do not follow then.

Happiness is a coin that does not have as much value in these molds like those couples who keep the union unhappy and unsuccessful just for status.

Life does not want to know about your status, does not apologize and does not come with a handkerchief to dry your tears, it just goes by and you staying.

About status 3

One day you realize that you are afraid of being happy and of risking thinking differently to achieve real success.


You need a regular, registered job, no matter if you do something you do not like.

Like it!

The mold wins, life goes and your status quo.

Lost in 40’s

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