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Welcome lost ones! 

Hey wait, I’m not lost, you are!

Hum, ok I confess, one day with my early 40’s I had a panic attack, I found myself without meaning in life, I thought I was going to die.


I grabbed a bottle of wine, my computer and ran to the beach house of my family in Brazil.

At night I turned on my computer, opened the wine and started drinking and crying.

I wrote on my computer:

I’m lost, I don’t know what’s going on… I’m lost in 40’s.

That Saturday night I started this project.

In the next morning I went back to my brother’s house where I was staying for some time, packed all my stuffs and moved to my friend’s apartment, I was desperate for changes and even small ones could help me survive that moment.

Three weeks later I was flying back to Dublin, Ireland where I lived for one year before.

Then I started to write my blog and finally I discovered something really important in my life, I found my purpose.

    – Help people to find your purpose in life and act.

Since then I’ve been writing this blog and then I started my YouTube Channel (in Portuguese only L, for while) but how you can see my blog is in both language.

Few months after I started my project, I found myself happy and living in a way I never thought before, all my world changed, my thought, my beliefs, my time, my life…and keeps.

That’s why I said welcome Lost ones, is wonderful get lost around, get lost in your life, stop planning all the steps and just let it go, follow the flow.

I’ll try hard to help you to find yourself, I swear that worth.

Do you want come with me?

Lost in 40’s

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