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Living abroad

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The functioning of the human body always fascinated me, for intelligence and dynamism, a machine that works perfectly and fights bravely to the end. Until the bomb that pulses the blood and the oxygen stops working, being the last to turn off.

The time is flying, we heard this all the time, we use to say it constantly, but this happened for a lack of news, we need to live and learn new things. We fell in a routine and we have nothing new to create, that makes our body storage our creative box and goes to do something else, breather for example.

Living abroad 2

But when we live abroad our body begins to change some boxex and the creativity one is required.

Everything is new, new flavors, new way to look, new flirts, clothes and styles, new subjects to talks,  new accents and you start to find funny on your too. Have you watched that movie “Inside out”? Imagine one of characters sitting on command painel taking notes about all the new things you are leaving. The joy being required all the time with the sadness holding her hand, missing home, disgusting trying to avoid some new food. Time goes by and one month looks like one year full of novits.

What at first seems uncontrollable, the comparison, over time you realize it is just another way to make the same pasta. None is better, just different.

Imagination comes out strongly and thoughts like “I could open an equal business from my country here” or “I could do it there” come and go all the time.

You’re out of the comfort zone my friend, the bed will not be ready by the end of the day for you and no one will do it for you the next morning and you’ll start using muscles you did not even know you had, Like the muscles that make your ass get up from the chair and go wash your own dishes.

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I get messages all the time saying that I’m brave to live or do what I do, people tell me that I live what they would like to live, I do not like to think it’s courage, it’s a choice, I had a dream and I followed it.

I remember when I lived in Brazil with my parents, my mother wanted me to study administration and I wanted to study publicity, to use creativity, I used to walk the streets exchanging the advertisements I saw on the outdoors with my mind, I thought it was fun and living in a creative environment was my thing, but my mother’s opinion was strong and I was sad for a few days until she realized.

I came home from work and my father turned off the TV to talk to me, I thought it was extremely serious, my father turned off the TV, OMG. They wanted to know the reason for my sadness, I talked about choosing the course and my mother laughed.

– Son I just suggested you, is not an order. Remember who will live this the rest of life will be you, not I, do what brings you happiness.

Ahhhh I got it, I did neither, but I did more.

The decision at the end is always ours, we like to blame the world for being sad, it’s easier.

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My greatest desire was to live what I live and therefore whoever finds me out there perceives my happiness. I made the right choice, the courage helps, because it is necessary to see fear on both sides. Fear of the unknown, to let go of the security that we have already created and to go to something that we do not know what is, on the other hand, the fear of staying where we are, already knowing where we will arrive, except for some alterations along the way.

Curiosity also helps, from knowing how it will be, the expectation of being something nice and good and that will certainly make us grow.

Living outside was the way I chose to experience situations that I would never have lived without if I had not left the place.

And in my case, happiness is touchable and has the distance of our decision.

That distance is you who will determine.

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